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We create Virtual Reality Games,  Virtual Reality Experiences, Virtual Reality Apps And Virtual Reality Training Systems for Oculus Quest 2 and other devices

We offer Oculus Quest Development Services of all types and difficulty. Our team uses Unity3d to deliver high-quality games and apps for iOS, Android, and PC.We support you all the way from a project idea, game concept to publishing on Oculus And Steam.

We create an immersive and engaging Virtual Reality Experiences using all the latest technology to achieve the best end result. 

Virtual Reality

Development Services

Our team worked for Inworld on developing the concept of customizable, intelligent  AI-powered Virtual Characters for the Metaverse and Virtual Reality projects (games, training, medical etc). We provided technical solutions for integration of these characters as well as interaction of the user with them. Our team worked on the system of facial animation, which is sensitive to the mood, behavior and the flow of the conversation.

The engine receives the information about the character (appearance, mood, expertise, profession etc.) from the server and then converts it into a 3D VR model.

Expertise used for this project: RPM, FinalK, CurvedUI, Unity3D

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